Everything happens for a reason.

I’m sure everyone has heard this saying “Everything happens for a reason”.
Just the mystery in that sentence is the reason itself?
After a while you slowly start to realise the small things that you haven’t before..
And all these things starts to drown your mind with thoughts
Like “Was it worth it?”; “What could have been” and all these little thoughts fills your mind.
These past few months i’ve been trying to find myself, cause i’ve lost myself in process.
How does one find one self?
How does one lose one self?
These two questions have been questions that i couldn’t answer.
Until i realised the answer.
It’s simple:
You lose yourself by loving someone that may or may not love you/Care about you.

You find yourself by making yourself stronger, Doing the things you love, Creating your own type of happiness.
We always want to have the same type happiness that someone else has, but what we forget is, Happiness depends on ourselves.
If i could describe My Happiness it would be this:
Coffee, a Good book, stormy-rainy weather, Good food, Good Music and The person that sort of is an element to your happiness, A person that you can share yoyr while life with, and still choose to stay with you no matter what ♡

Stay Strong



Complexity in Flowers?

Okay i though working for a Garden centre would be easy..

Damn was i wrong >.<

So many things that you have to keep in mind and so many things you look out for.

Back when i started i didn’t have that much knowledge over as i do now and everything is interesting, i mean the products for starters, a wide variety of things for plants and birds etc..

Well I work as a Cashier and it is just as difficult sometimes, cause you have to remember so many things and not only that i have admin with the Cashier responsibilities as well.

And well the customers as well, all of them are unique and i love that.

A different scenario everyday.

And then we have an amazing Gift shop as well (Which is STUNNING)  The cutest products in our gift shop.

I love working there, amazing environment, Amazing people.

So people if you happen to live in South Africa and you are in/or in live the Pretoria area, do yourself a favor and come check Plant Paradise Garden Centre!

I’m telling you guys you won’t be sorry 😉

Some times it storms

Some times it shines

That’s how flowers grow

Stay Strong




Do you ever get these random thoughts just out of nowhere, just of how things could have been or how they are or should be?

Those little scenarios that you make up in your mind of how you want something to be, but then you have the thing called “Reality” that slaps you by remind you of how things are and is/or never will change.

Just think if we could just change the reality, Go into that Secret fantasy world that we all want to escape to in the extremely mind-wreaking times.

I just wonder of how things would be if they were like they are in my mind.

They say everything happens for a reason, we may never know those reasons.

I just want to escape reality sometimes just for a while, just get my head straight.

Stay Strong




Awkward stages.

We all have those awkward stages in our lives where we are like “What the actually hell”

That stage were you haven’t got a clue if you are doing good or bad?

Or just that awkward stage in your love life…

Those have been the most popular in my life so far, that fact that i just look back at some of my past relationships…and just think “I was probably in some weird coma”

Okay yes i admit that some of my relationships were good like my recent, it’s one of those relationships you need.

But i’m back in that like WTF stage cause i’m back with an EX hoping he doesn’t destroy my life… AGAIN.

I’m still young, still making stupid mistakes, but it’s how i’ll learn in life what i need and what i would expect for my future

Some people aren’t gonna be happy about the choices i’m making right now, but they are what is the best for me right now.

And the most important is that i’m happy 🙂

I have a full time job, amazing friends and family, an amazing boyfriend 🙂

What more could i ask for?

So the awkward stages in our lives actually helps us in so many ways


Stay strong




Sometimes we need that one day where we just decide to just go somewhere, explore the unknown, amazing adventures.

A day where we discover ourselves.

I’m still in that stage in my life where i don’t know what to do with my life, i currently work at a Garden Centre as a Cashier, Not planning to do further studies.

Still have the idea that i might just be a success with becoming a model.

But currently i’m still exploring, But that is the beauty of life: The unknown in everything.

Meeting new people, Discovering new places, Adventures.

SO yes life may sucks right now but if you make it through, you’ll see what you have been wanting to see your entire life.

And being an adult isn’t so bad, well paying for everything yourself is kind a downside but other than that, it’s where your life begins, the true adventure you have been dreaming of your entire life.

Your life adventure awaits you, don’t give up on it

Stay Strong


Advice for guys.

So here is some advice from a girl for you guys out there that is in a relationship or you are starting to like a girl.

(Trust me this will help you fellas out there)


 Trust me guys this is possibly the worst mistake you can make, this basically her going from this sweet innocent girl to the devil (I’m not joking)

2.Another thing… Don’t talk to other girls, it makes us feel that those other girls you are talking is better than us

3) You are always wrong no matter what. Period.

4) Treat and respect her like the princess she is

5)If she’s your girl you should know when she’s Happy, Sad, Or mad.

6)Some of us don’t always like going out, dressing up for a fancy date.. Some of us prefer to chill at home with movies and pizza and xbox

7) Just remember… We find shit out, so don’t try to keep anything from us

8)Girls are territorial as hell

And honestly the basics guys, loving a girl isn’t hard and yes i know the extra stuff like her on her period and mood swings, but that isn’t hard to deal with

Just love her with all you have and treat her like girl should be treated then you should be fine 🙂

Not all girls are hard to love, some just takes extra effort.

Stay Strong

Tinieks ∇




Reality check.

So i just realised that this is for real, i’m starting my first job tomorrow, but to this like a few months ago i was still in school.
It’s so scary to realise how fast time can go 😮
I’m just starting out this whole “Being an responsible adult thing”
But it’s where my life actually starts right now
It’s where i figure out where i wanna be in the future or what i want to be doing in the future.
It’s a bit weird processing everything, but it has it’s ups and downs of course .
Everyone says that you are gonna miss school: It’s so true 😂 But you only miss some parts, i miss the fun times ☺
Stay Strong ♥
Tinieks 🔻